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Antifreeze Antifriz

Antifreeze is a high quality antifreeze consisting of monoethyleneglycol and modern chemical additives that can

be diluted with water or used in the cooling systems of gasoline and diesel engines. Before Probennz Antifreeze is put

into the system for the first time, it is useful to clean the system with plenty of water. Considering the freezing point of

the cooling water, it prevents the freezing of the system in cold climates, while increasing the boiling point in hot climatic

conditions and prevents the cooling water from boiling. It has chemicals that prevent oxidation, rust and corrosion. It is

compatible with all cooling system parts, including aluminum radiators.

Auto Antifreeze Glass Water Oto Antifrizli Cam Suyu

It is an antifreeze auto glass water, developed to clean the dirt on automobile windows with its superior washing feature and resistant

to freezing in climatic conditions up to -15 ° C.

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